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Rewards for Account Holders

Real-life Rewards

After you complete MoneyIsland by saving Stone Broke...that's when you can really save! That's because real-life rewards are built into MoneyIsland.

When you save Stone Broke, you will be able to select either a cool MoneyIsland T-shirt, a $15 Walmart gift card, or a $15 iTunes gift card!

When you finish MoneyIsland, you earn an electronic certificate. Simply bring that certificate to any Heritage Bank branch to claim your rewards!


More than a Game

Once children have their own savings account, they're on their way to applying the lessons of MoneyIsland to real life. Since they'll be financial gurus by this point, they'll be eager to watch their balance grow with our competitive interest rate.

Parents can continue to encourage their children to save; the sooner saving becomes a habit, the more secure their future will be. And whether they realize it now or not—that's the biggest reward from MoneyIsland.